WowTigresss Wants You And Her To ‘Cum Together’



Russian has more than its fair share of beautiful women. It seems that there are more hot and sexy women in Russia per capita than any other country in the world, although it could just be my imagination. Today’s beauty is 25 year old WowTigresss, and boy does her name do her justice.  She is definitely a ‘wow’ girl, and she is definitely a ‘tigress’. The blonde haired and emerald green eyed fox is bisexual, which is always a good thing in this business, and a good thing for all women. She is a fun loving Aries, who loves camming, and she also loves cocks of all shapes and sizes. Her personality is like a tigers, she can be beautiful yet deadly at the same time. If she wants something, she is ferocious and she always gets what she wants.

WowTigresss stands at a height of 1. 7 metres, which is 5’7 inches. She is pretty tall and has a long set of hot legs that make her look even taller, especially in a pair of sexy fuck me pumps or high heeled stilettos. She weighs a delicious 50 kgs, or 110 pounds, without an ounce of fat. This hottie is all muscle and is very athletic and flexible, as you will see during her shows. She gets into feet, underwear, roleplaying, and loves wearing stockings and nylons. Her fans describe her as having ‘size 65 feet’, and ‘a perfect ass and tits’. They also say she has ‘long legs and a hard clit’. Our hot little Russian has perky B cup tits, and she loves giving pleasure more than receiving it. The ultra sexy babe is turned on by nice guys that make her laugh. She can be your best friend and your secret lover at the same time.

WowTigresss is waiting for you to make her roar.


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