VIP Ass is a Very Important Cam Girl


Some guys are tit men, some guys are leg men, but a lot of guys are ass men. The guys who adore a smoking hot, delicious ass will be in awe of vip_ass, because her name says it all. Her ass really is an ass fit for a VIP. It is stellar and so is she and her entire package. Her blonde hair is silky smooth and long, almost hanging down to her beautiful bum. She has gorgeous brown eyes, and she is a white Caucasian who can speak both English and French.

vip_ass is more than just a pretty ass. She stands at a height of 165 cms, or 5’5”, and she weighs in at an astounding 50 kgs, or 110 pounds. Her perky A cup sized tits stand proudly outwards and would make a nice little meal, before going to the main course, which of course would be her clean shaven pussy and ass hole. She has a few turn ons which include men who know how to handle an ass like hers, men who love to please women and are not just out for themselves to get off. She has a lot of fans as well, who are also in love with her hot ass and everything else. ‘I adore you!’, and ‘Nice ass, nice eyes, nice face, nice beautiful all VIP ass!’ This guy is dead on in his description, because not only is her Grade A ass a delight, so is the rest of her. Her personality is a very humorous and outgoing one. She always has a smile and lights up a room as soon as she walk into it. She likes hanging out on the beach, catching rays and swimming to maintain her beautiful body.

vip_ass says if you want the best, try her and you will get it.


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