Valensia Packing Some Boobage


Valensia is a smoking hot, young female piece of European ass. This gorgeous 18 year old lives in Russia, but can speak English very well, and prefers the company of men. She weighs in at an impressive 119 pounds, and my guess would be most of that is her tits. Her height is 5’5”. and although she says her body type is average, we think it’s more like awesome. The Russian princess is a Pisces for you Zodiac lovers out there, and from what they say Pisces can get pretty wild in the sack.

Her face is breathtaking, and her complexion is as smooth as a baby’s bottom, without a mark or blemish. She has a smile that will melt your heart, among other things, and a pair of deep blue eyes that will put you in a trance and hypnotize you with her beauty. Her tits are awesome to say the least, and are a nice B cup size. Her nipples are huge and round and ready to be sucked and licked. She also has an ass to kill for and a wickedly smooth, shaved pussy and asshole.

Valensia has a few kinky attributes that most other women don’t have, especially someone as young and hot as her. She is into BDSM, just in case you are from another planet and don’t know that is Bondage, Domination, Sado-Masochism. She loves anything to do with anal, and is a big fan of that activity. She can be dominant if you like, or she can play the submissive role, it’s totally up to you as she likes both. Deep throating big cocks is another passion she has.

She loves hot guys, and kinky games. She’s a young, sweet, 18 year old hottie, and she would love you to be her Daddy for a while.


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