ToxicVixen Is ‘A1 Fuckable’



There’s something about redheads that is in their DNA. They are all wild and fiery, free spirited spark plugs that just love to have fun. ToxicVixen is all of the above. The 26 year old American Aries, is bisexual and loves sex. She has long red hair on one side of her head, which hangs down past her tits. The other side is shaved almost down to the wood, giving her that adventurous and pure fun kind of look. Her eyes are a beautiful shade of blue, and her smile is warm and perfect. She has lots of really cool tattoos that cover her entire back, and parts of her arms and side. ToxicVixen also has a lot of piercings, on her lip, her nose, and her ears, to name a few places. I don’t want to tell you everything and ruin the surprise though. She is a white Caucasian, who says she is ‘adventurous as fuck’.  She also says she can probably do more sit ups than you. One look at her and my money is on her all the way.

ToxicVixen is 1.6 meters in height, or 5’3 “. She weighs a scrumptious 50 kgs, or 110 pounds. Her body is extremely toned, with ‘abs of steel’.  One of her fans describes her as ‘perfection with ripped abs’. Her tits are a perky C cup in size, and her ass is beautifully hard, and shaved just like her pussy. Her figure is 86-64-89 cms, or 34-25-35 inches. Her shows are quite wild, and contain such treats as lots of dildos, tons of sexy outfits, and whatever else you want. She is turned on by intelligence, a sense of humor, aggressiveness, biceps, tattoos and piercings. ToxicVixen says she is an expert at licking things, what more can you ask for?

ToxicVixen wants you to become one of her friends, with benefits of course!


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