For A Tornado Of A Show See RachelStormsxxx



RachelStormsxxx is a 32 year old MILF with massive tits. She is from the United States, is a bisexual Aries, and is a dynamite looking lady. The curvaceous white hottie, has sexy brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, and she is one of the friendliest and sociable women you will ever meet. She has a wickedly cool sense of humor, and loves to joke around. Her personality has been described as ‘No artificial sweetener’, because she is sweet enough on her own. Her body has been described as ‘No bitter aftertaste’, because she would taste good and yummy. She is bubbly, without all the carbonation. She loves meeting new people, so being a cam girl is the perfect job for this sexy and stunning cougar.

RachelStormsxxx stands about 1.7 meters in height, which is approximately 5’6 inches. She weighs a scrumptious 125 pounds, or 57 kgs. Rachel has freckles galore, especially around her shoulder area, so if freckles are a turn on for you, you are gonna love her. Her figure measures 86-71-91 cms, or 34-28-36 inches. Her tits are DD/E in size, and she has huge areolas. Her pussy is shaved sop you can see it in all it’s glory. Good vibes and sexy times are what it is all about for Rachel. She can put on a naughty show for you, or she can be a nice girl for you, the choice is totally yours. Having a great time, all the time is her philosophy in life, and camming provides her way of doing that. Her area of expertise is satisfying both yours and her needs at once. She wants both of you to have fun, or it’s just not right. Her fans describe her as ‘super funny’, ‘a dream babe’, and ‘fucking amazing’. That compliment sums her up in two perfect words.

RachelStormsxxx wants you to ride out the storm, if you think you are up for it.


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