Thar’ She Blows!



If you like whales, you are going to love Lady_2xl. The 25 year old German hottie is one big, bold, and beautiful woman. The white BBW has short brown hair, gorgeous brown eyes, and a smile to die for. Her personality is bubbly, just like her. She loves to laugh and joke around, but when it comes time to put on a show, she is all business. She will try her ultimate best to fulfill your every need and desire. She wants to bring you to paradise,and uses her big assets to get you there. She hails form Berlin, and is a white, voluptuous babe who speaks English and German.

Lady_2xl stands at a height of 5’5″, and weighs a lot. She doesn’t like to say the exact amount, she wants her clients to try and guess it. If they do they win a huge prize, in the form of an unbelievable show. Speaking of her shows, she has an unreal collection of gigantic dildos, which she loves shoving inside her fat ass and juicy pussy. She also has a pile of anal beads which she cleans and keeps in tip top condition, before ramming them deep into her ripply butt. Her tits are a size 80K, and hang down a long way. The curvaceous hottie is insatiable when it comes to sex, especially when it comes to anal activities. Lady_2xl has no body piercings or tattoos, not wanting to ruin that perfect body with fake pictures and holes. She likes to keep it like the day she was born, smooth and full of baby fat. She will show you things that no rail thin girl can do, and you will be amazed at her talents. Her fat bouncing and rippling around will have your tongue hanging out, and your cock as hard as a rock. She loves dressing in fishnet stockings and bras, so you can see every ounce of her beauty.

Lady_2xl is just that, she is twice the woman of any normal cam girl, and will give you more to love!


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