Temptation82 Loves Her Feet And Her Fuck Machine



What better way to spend Boxing Day than by checking out Temptation82!? The 23 year old blonde haired beauty, hails from the United States and is straight as an arrow. Her real name is Ellinor, or Ellie for short. She has sexy and silky hair which hangs down to her tits, and gorgeous green eyes. Her smile is perfect, and she really knows how to use her full set of lips to suck on dick. Ellie has a personality to match her body, fantastic. She loves to cam, and loves to put a smile on her clients faces, leaving them in a pile of cum. She speaks English, and is still dressing for the festive season.

Temptation82 stands at 5’6” in height. She weighs an athletic and toned 111 pounds, or 51 kgs. Her tits are perky and perfect, and her pussy is shaved to perfection. She keeps in shape by being a gymnast, and she can perform some awesome and flexible maneuvers. In fact, she loves to suck and lick her own toes, and can do it with ease. If you have a foot fetish you will love Ellie. She also has a fuck machine, which she puts to great use. She sucks on the huge dildo which is on the end of the machine, and even takes off her nylons and puts them on it. Then she sucks the dildo with expertise, with the nylon still wrapped around it. Then she spreads her hot and long legs open wide, and turns that sucker on. And man can she fuck! I’m surprised smoke doesn’t pour out of it from her working it too hard. She also gives the dildo an awesome foot job. Temptation82 is an expert at using her feet.

Let Temptation82 suck her toes and yours, and watch her outfuck a fuck machine!


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