Take A Shower With Creamyexotica



Creamyexotica is one smoking hot black babe. The 22 year old temptress is sexy as hell, with black hair, gorgeous brown eyes, and lovely brown skin to match. Her lips are full and perfect for sucking cock or pussy. If you are looking for a friendly, energetic young hottie, you’ve come to the right room. The black beauty is friendly, and always smiling. Especially when you tip her, and that’s when you will be smiling. For every tip, she does something special for her clients. She has well over 100,000 followers, so all those people can’t be wrong. They know a great thing when they see one, and Creamyexotica is something special.

Our petite Aquarius stand at a height of 5’0 inches. She weighs a tiny 89 pounds, most of that being her tits and her ass. Her ass is out of this world. Talk about the stereotypical black booty, well she has one that is something spectacular. When she starts twerking her ass, you will get a hard on like you’ve never had before. She also loves to bend over and show extreme closeups of her holes. Another thing she loves to do is oil up her body, including her amazing 34B tits, which are all natural by the way. She loves spreading oil all over her hot body, and loves taking showers and soaping herself up. You will wish it was you in there doing all the rubbing and scrubbing. She has 29 tattoos, most of them roses all over her entire body. Creamyexotica also has 14 piercings, in every place you can think of. Her waist is an amazing 26 inches, the perfect hourglass figure. The black beauty is a student, so teach her a thing or two.

Creamyexotica wants you to be the one to oil up her huge tits and hot booty!


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