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Valkyreee Will Take You To Sexual Valhalla



In Norse mythology, the valkyrie were female goddesses who chose who was to live and who was to die in battle. The slain warriors were then brought to Valhalla, or heaven, by the valkyries. This sexy 18 year old named Valkyreee will bring you to sexual heaven, and you will never want to return from it. You will wish to stay with her forever, and be drained of all your love juices for all eternity. She has gorgeous brown hair, sometimes streaked with blonde highlights, and sexy wide brown eyes. She has a great set of lips, and a pair of braces on her teeth. Very sexy indeed. Valkyreee has numerous piercings, on her nose, the bridge of her nose between her eyes, her belly button, and a few more that I won’t mention. The bisexual Aquarius lives in the United States and speaks English. Her personality is extremely fun, and she loves jokes and joking around.

Valkyreee stands at a height of 1.7 meters, or 5’7”. She weighs 57 kgs or 125 pounds, and her tits are a perky B cup. Her figure measurements are an impressive 91-64-86 cms, or 36-25-34 inches. She has a trimmed pussy and asshole, and her ass is perfectly round and firm. She likes anal, spanking and paddling, loves wearing nylons and stockings, and she enjoys roleplaying. If you go exclusive with her, you will get one hell of a show. She enjoys being a tease, sucking cock, and lots of foreplay. Her turn-ons include manners, health, intelligence, GOLD, and laughter. A good sense of humor will serve you well when you meet up with Valkyreee. She says she is always willing to please, and will go to the ends of the earth to make it happen.

Valkyreee is waiting to bring you to sexual nirvana, and it’s one hell of wild ride!