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Crazy Angelu has a Crazy Hot Ass

Crazy Angelu

If you are looking for the perfect dominatrix, you have come to the right girl. Crazy Angelu has been described by some of her fans as ‘the perfect dominatrix’, ‘the very best of all!’, and ‘the most beautiful body in the world’. Those are some heavy duty claims, but one look at her and you’ll see exactly what they are talking about. Another fan said she is ‘the best girl here’, and after seeing her I can see why.

She is a 22 year old female, who is bisexual. So if you want to bring your girlfriend into the action, or if you are a woman, you are more than welcome to check her out. Both of you will definitely enjoy the show. She is also into SPH, or small penis humiliation, so if you watch her you better have a pretty big cock or get prepared for her to tear you a new asshole. If you like being humiliated and dominated, she is an expert and you will be more than pleased. She will leave you totally empty of any cum you had in your balls before the show, that’s for sure. She is also extremely smart, and speaks four languages including English, French, Spanish, and Italian.

Her eyes are a beautiful shade of green, and she has long flowing blonde hair. Her body is curvaceous and slender, and her tits are medium sized. Not too big and not too small, they are just the perfect size. Her shows are awesome if you like domination, she does a lot of hot dancing, and gives great blowjobs. She has a shaved pussy and asshole , and a few tattoos. Funny guys, gentleman who are smart and open minded really turn her on.

If you want a crazy and wild show, watch Crazy Angelu, you’ll be glad you did.