Smoking Hot Latina BelleMarce Loves Getting DP’ed



Latina women have a certain mystique about them, an air of elegance and danger rolled into one. BelleMarce is a smoking hot Latina woman who is a 20 year old bisexual and hails from the United States. She is a Capricorn, who has a bubbly yet take no prisoners attitude. If you are nice to her she will be extra nice to you, but if you do something to piss her off, lookout because that Latina temper will put you in your place. They also have a certain fire when it comes to sex, they are awesome looking and they are great when it comes to sucking and fucking. Anyone who has ever had a Latina woman can vouch for me, they can be pretty insane, in a great way of course. BelleMarce has long sexy black hair, nice brown smooth skin, a wide set of brown eyes, and a pair of lips to swoon over.

Her slender and athletically toned body measures 91-64-89 cms, or 36-25-25 inches. BelleMarce has an amazing set of C cup size tits, and a shaved pussy and ass that will have you drooling. She stands 1.65 ms high, or 5’5”, and weighs an incredible 60 kgs, or 132 pounds. Her legs and ass are simply stunning, along with the rest of her, but she loves to use that hot ass in her shows. You may be treated to such goodies as anal toys and dildos, double penetration, squirting, spanking, high heels and foot fetish. Just tell her what you want and she will do her utmost to accommodate you and leave your balls empty. BelleMarce says she loves getting DP’ed because she loves the feeling of being stuffed with cock. She can turn you on in English, French and Spanish, and she loves watching when the guys come.

BelleMarce is dying to see you blow your load, all over her hungry gorgeous ass.


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