SimplyBeauty22 Will Let You Lick Her Hot Ass



SimplyBeauty22 is definitely a beauty, but she is far from simple. And she’s not even 22 as you would think, but 18, which is even better if you catch my drift. Today’s stunning cam girl is obviously Asian, and if you have ever heard David Bowie’s song “China Girl”, you would think it was written about her, even though she is a Filipino, or as she calls herself a ‘pinay’. SimplyBeauty22 has wickedly sinful and sexy long black hair, which hangs down to her delicious little ass. She has deep brown and wide wondrous eyes, and she has that sweet as a flower appearance, yet she can be as seductive looking as an experienced temptress. Her smile is radiant and full, and will make you feel right at home. SimplyBeauty22 looks young, and is young, but has the grace and intelligence of someone much older. She can speak Filipino and English, is bisexual, and she is studying more languages so she can turn on even more men and women around the world.

SimplyBeauty22 has an amazing yet petite frame, weighing in at 105 pounds, or 47 kgs. She stands only 5’1”, or 155 cms. For such a tiny girl, she sure has one hell of a set of tits. Her perfect set of hooters are a nice round C cup, and really stand out. Her shaved little pussy looks awesome, and her ass is tiny, hard, and looks ripe for pounding. She enjoys wearing high heels, nylons and stockings, white panties, and schoolgirl outfits. Cameltoe, strip tease, toys, oils, and talking dirty are also some of her numerous sexual talents. There’s not an ounce of fat to be found here, so if you like BBW’s, you’re in the wrong place.

SimplyBeauty22 will be you China Girl, Filipino girl, or whatever kind of girl you want her to be.


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