Rivindell Is Not In Middle Earth…She Is Here!



In The Lord of The Rings, Rivendell was the home of Elrond and the beautiful elves. This beautiful elf is named Rivindell and lives in Russia. The 19 year old gorgeous female is bisexual, and is more than just a stunning face and body. Rivindell has a great sense of humor, and is an extremely charismatic young lady, with lots of intellect. She enjoys talking with other educated people, has an openness about sex, and she is a huge fan of film and physics. I’m sure she would have no shortage of people wanting to talk about chemistry, and how two people connect. She has long sexy and soft brown hair, and emerald green eyes. She could easily be an elf from Middle Earth she is such a striking beauty.

Rivindell speaks English, and stands at a height of 5’5”, or 1.65 meters. She weighs only 110 pounds, or 50 kgs, and she has a slender and petite frame. Her figure measurements are 91-61-912 cms, or 36-24-36 inches, and her legs are smooth and long. Her ass and pussy are neatly trimmed, and her tits are an exquisite B cup in size. She is turned on by men who smell good, men who know how to dress, how to conduct themsleves, and men with big cocks. Rivindell likes her sex a bit on the rough side, and she likes it hard with lots of foreplay. During her shows you may get to see lots of spanking, teasing, nylons and stockings, high heels, and she loves to play with herself. She’s a big fan of cumming, so she wants you to cum and herself to cum, that way everyone goes home happy. Arrogant, rude and cheap people need not show up in her room to spoil the party.

Rivindell wants to be your little sex elf, are you man enough to let her?


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