One Night In Bangkok With CrazyThai69



Today’s Asian beauty hails from Bangkok, Thailand. CrazyThai69 would love nothing more than to have you banging your cock inside her for one night. The 21 year old hottie is addicted to cock, and she loves them all, big or small, black or white, as long as they are in her tonight. CrazyThai69 has beautiful long black hair, sexy red lips and a pair of gorgeous brown eyes. She loves to have fun, and is definitely a party animal. She says she’s not into hooking up with any one man, but she will roleplay the part. There are too many hot guys out there she says, to be tied up with just one.

CrazyThai69 has a slender, athletically toned body and weighs in at 110 pounds, or 50 kgs. She stands at a height of 5’5”, or 1.65 meters. Her perky B cup tits are just perfect, and her pussy and ass look delicious. She likes dancing, sucking cock, gagging, tit fucking and hand jobs, and taking as much cock inside her as is humanly possible. That’s all part of the territory when you’re a nymphomaniac. She also likes foot jobs, and loves guys with a fresh shaven face rubbing it against her pussy. She has several tattoos, piercings, and loves getting dressed up in sexy lingerie. Nylons and fishnet stockings, anal, toys, oil, and dirty talk can all get her excited, and when that happens CrazyThai69 can squirt like a champ. Her fans say she is ‘hands down the most gorgeous girl here’, and ‘being with her is like being in heaven’. This angel will take you to heaven and back, and you will come back empty.

Spend one night in Bangkok with our Asian hottie and you will be hooked. After being with her, you will be addicted to CrazyThai69.


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