Nightseduce Wants To Seduce And Fuck You



Nightseduce is a hottie from Europe who has almost 200,000 followers, so you know she must be doing something right. The gorgeous 26 year old has long and sexy brown and reddish hair, and has deep hazel brown eyes to match. Her face is model material, and her body is Playboy material. With a combination of hot face and killer body, it’s no wonder she has that many followers. Her real name is Gia, and she also has raffles and prizes during her shows to add a little bit of excitement. Not that there isn’t tons of excitement every time she shows off her hot body, but the more fun the merrier

The smoking hot stunner stands at a height of 169 cms, or 5’6, and weighs only 53 kgs, or 114 pounds. Her figure is awesome, and her tits are perky and firm. They are a B cup in size, and look just great on her slender and slim body. Nightseduce has some pretty wild and cool tattoos on her right arm and shoulder. They are very artistic and so is she. Her shows are definitely a thing of beauty, and you will leave empty and happy you came over for a visit. Once she gets her claws into you, you will keep coming back again and again. She shaves her twat completely bald, so you get to see every nook and cranny of her pussy and asshole up close and personal. Her average rating for satisfaction by her customers is 100%, it doesn’t get any better than that. She loves when guys go down on her and make her cum all over their faces. She would love to show you her many talents which include anal, long nails, and giving blowjobs.

Nightseduce is a very mysterious and sensual woman, give her a visit and she’ll show you a great time.


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