Nicki Wants To Have A Whole Lotta Fun With You



Today’s hottie comes to us from Great Britain. The 19 year old bisexual beauty is single, and is also a Scorpio. Being from England, Nicki of course speaks perfect English, and her shows are in high definition audio. She has gorgeous blonde hair, and emerald green eyes. She is described by her fans as a beautiful lady with a killer body. Her smile is radiant and infectious, and her mood is always happy and energetic. She genuinely cares about her clients, and will do her utmost to keep them happy and empty. She is extremely intelligent, and is more than eager to please. Just tell Nicki what you want, and she will do whatever it takes to make you a happy camper.

Nicki describes her body as average, but we know better. If this is average, then I’m a monkeys uncle. She stands at height of 1.65 metres, or 5’5 inches. She weighs 53 kgs, or 116 pounds. Her tits are an amazing C cup, with huge nipples and areolas. They are perfect for sucking, and tit fucking. Her pussy is shaved bald, and her ass is tight and firm. She also likes doing anal in her shows, and even though she is young, she is experienced in that field. Passionate dancing and kissing, nibbling, soft touches, and lust turn her right on. She is a romantic at heart, and loves cuddling, relaxing massages, and kisses on her neck. She will let you kiss her wherever you like, her neck is just for starters. Her fans say she ‘does a great anal show’, and that she ‘is very ticklish’. Maybe you could tickle her while banging her up the ass. Its not everyday you can fuck a 19 year old hottie, sol do it while you have the chance.

Nicki is watching and waiting for you, don’t disappoint her.


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