NaughtyCoral Will Go Down On You Balls Deep



Some women have a natural aura of pure sexiness that just radiates from them whenever they enter a room. NaughtyCoral is such a woman. The 35 year old cougar is oozing with sexuality, and she knows what she’s doing. NaughtyCoral is a Floridian female, who loves cock too much to be bisexual. She is a Virgo that speaks English, and she has a personality that anyone can get along with. She has a great time getting to know her fans and they have a great time talking with her. They have an even greater time during her shows. Her long flowing red hair and her brown eyes, make her look more like 25. NaughtyCoral is proud of her knowledge and abilities, so get ready to be blown away.

Speaking of blowing, NaughtyCoal can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, and since she doesn’t have a gag reflex, she can swallow your entire shaft, going balls deep right down to your bristles. She stands at a height of 1.7 meters, or 5’7”. She weighs only 115 pounds, or 52 kgs. Her body is petite and athletically toned. She enjoys swimming a lot, and having sex in the water, hence the name. Her figure measures an incredible 81-61-81 cms, or 32-24-32”. She loves watching fans stroke their cocks while she is getting them off, and she adores both giving and receiving oral sex. Her shaved pussy and asshole look delicious, and I’m sure there would be no shortage of volunteers to taste her. She will only put fingers into her pussy and ass, she is nice and tight and wants to stay that way for you guys. Her blowjobs are the stuff of legends, and fans cannot praise them enough.

NaughtyCoral would love to go down balls deep on your cock, do you have the balls for it?


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