Missy Addict a Hot Bisexual Babe

Missy Addict

Missy Addict is a 23 year old female who speaks English, and is also bisexual. Women can come to her shows anytime so please don’t be shy. Her sexy blonde hair is accentuated by her deep brown eyes, which are gorgeous as well. She weighs 150 pounds, or in metric 65 kgs. Her height is 5’11”, or about 180 cms. She is pretty tall, and has long sexy legs to stare at and drool over. MissyAddict is a white Caucasian, and is simply a fox.

MissyAddict says she loves to play with her pussy lips and and her clit. She gets extremely horny as she will burst out in a screaming orgasm, as she plays with and rubs her clit, all while playing with both of her holes. She has small but perky tits and nice hard little nipples. Her pussy and asshole are shaved to perfection, so you won’t have to look through a jungle to check out her twat and her ass because you will definitely want to be checking her out there. She says she is an addict of many fetishes. Some of these include feet, latex,b sub domina, and a whole bunch more too numerous to mention. She says she simply loves them all, and is willing to try out new things all the time. She is turned on by guys that are generous, so if you are generous to her you will be returned with a phenomenal show. She also likes kind and friendly people. Her turn offs are rude people, and people who want everything for nothing. She says people who beg turn her right off as well, so if you are in a begging mood, please don’t beg her or you’ll be begging for a long time. She gets off on watching beggars squirm.

MissyAddict is waiting to turn you on, you just have to show up.


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