miss_bee Will Sting You Till You Love It



A gorgeous face, deep brown eyes, and silky smooth long blonde hair are just some of the weapons that miss_bee has in her armory. The 24 year old hottie lives in the United States in the ‘down and dirty South’. miss_bee is a Virgo with a beautiful smile. She has the face of a supermodel, and the body of Playboy bunny, all wrapped up in one smoking hot package. Her real name is Brianna, and bee is short for that. She has a fantastic and fun personality, and her room is always full of humor and partying. miss_bee also likes to smoke vapor cigs, and looks really exotic and erotic doing it.

Our gorgeous bisexual babe stands at a height of 5’2, and weighs a beautifully toned and perfect 111 pounds. Her tits are a perky 34A or 32B cup in size, and they stand up proudly. Her ass is absolutely stunning, and her legs are long and smooth. She has a pussy and asshole that are shaved down to the last bit, revealing a stunning twat, which is wet and waiting for you to lick and fuck it. She can also twerk her ass a hell of a lot better than Miley Cyrus, and she is ten times hotter as well. She is willing to do practically anything in her room, and fun stuff always happens in there. She loves dressing up in nylons, stockings and high heels, and even wears a leopard skin coat, complete with ears and everything. You never know what miss_bee will come up with next. One thing you can be sure of is she is one of the hottest women on the net. Her fans love her, and she loves them right back. Watching her with her toys is a thing of beauty, just like her pierced nipples.

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