Makki Has A Fantastic Ass



If you are an ass man, get ready to see something you are gonna love. Makki, whose real name is Melanie, is a 23 year old smoking hot Asian babe. Her face is cute as a doll, with her shoulder length black hair, and dreamy deep brown eyes. Makki is straight, but doesn’t mind women dropping by her room to check her out. She is always willing to teach them new tricks or show them new sexual techniques and positions. Her personality is talkative and very friendly. She loves talking with her clients, and if you are an intelligent and not boring guy, she will ‘love you long time’.

Makki stands at a height of 5’4 inches, and weighs a toned and tight 110 pounds. Her tits are a hot and perky B cup, with suckable nipples. She has a wicked figure, and a trimmed pussy to go with it. She says she has ‘a sexy body and a hot ass‘, and she is 100% right. She is turned on by smart, funny, and entertaining men. She also loves men who love to tip, and are generous in nature. Makki is a pro when it comes to playing with her holes. She loves oral sex, both giving and receiving it. Her ass is also put to very good use. It would be a shame with an ass like hers, if she wasn’t into anal sex. She is turned off by rude people and beggars. Makki says she likes it when the guys say ‘bye’ after they cum, after all it’s the least they can do. So be polite after you leave her room after blowing your stones, and say ‘thanks and bye till next time’. And there will be a next time, because everybody who sees her is a return customer.

Makki has a smokin’ hot ass, let her use it on you.


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