Littlekitch Wants To Be Your Bitch



Littlekitch is certainly one little hottie! The stunning 19 year old is from the United States, and says she is willing to do it with men, women, trannies, basically anything that is human. The friendly little firecracker is full of energy, and she also models, is a performer, and is a hugely successful cam girl as well. She has gorgeous long blonde hair, which flows down to her hot little ass. Sometimes she has it in a pony tail, or other times she lets it all hang down. She has gorgeous blue eyes, and her face is cute as a dolls. Littlekitch is a huge fan of scary movies, and she loves horror flicks, the creepier the better. Her personality is extremely humorous, and she loves joking around and laughing with her clients.

Littlekitch is 5’5 inches in height. Her slender and toned body weighs 112 pounds, and her perky tits are a nice B cup in size. They stand out nicely all by themselves, and she gets a lot of compliments about them. During her shows, and when she talks with the guys, she likes to play with them and show them off a bit. Why not, if you’ve got it, you might as well flaunt it. Sexually, she has a submissive nature, but she says her personality is dominant. She is very well known in the kink community, and she says that sometimes while having sex she can get a little out of hand. That’s because she gets into it so much she loses control of herself. There’s nothing wrong with someone who enjoys their work. She loves playing with her dildos, ramming them in all her holes, and uses vibrators and other crazy toys. Littlekitch loves to be tipped. So the more you tip her, the more she will get into it.

Littlekitch may be little, but she’s got a whole lotta lovin’ to give out!


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