LittleGianna Is A Big Fan Of Generous People And Sex



They say, whoever ‘they’ are, that big things come in small packages. Well let me tell you, ‘they’ were dead on when they said it, because they were talking about LittleGianna. She may be tiny, but she has a heart and personality that is larger than life. The 39 year old is a spark plug, and is full of fun and joy. If she doesn’t jump start your cock, then you must be a zombie. She has long brown hair, and deep brown wide eyes, and a smile that is genuine and real. What you see is what you get with LittleGianna.

She is a member of the under 100 club, weighing in at 92 pounds, or 42 kgs. She is 5’0”, or 1.52 ms tall, and she has a slim, slender, toned body that looks more like a 19 year old. She can match up against anyone half her age or twice her size, and still come out on top. The youthful Italian princess is from the US, speaks English and is a bisexual Pisces. She has a sign in her bedroom where she lists all the big tippers of the day, and a $250 tip came in, she had an instant orgasm in front of everyone. It was spectacular and unplanned and awesome to be part of. She is a huge fan of deep throating, facials, solo, and making her pussy and you cum. She puts on an erotic, explicit and captivating show. LittleGianna is turned on by blowjobs, generous people, and guys who know how to treat a woman. Her fans describe her as a ‘spinner’, and that she has ‘an amazing ass and show’.

LittleGianna says if you come into her room and spoil her, she will return the favor and spoil you till you are empty.


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