LenaStar Cums Like A Supernova



There are lots of pretty stars in the sky, but none as pretty as our girl for today, LenaStar. The white bisexual beauty has gorgeous brown hair, with stunning brown eyes. She loves music, dancing, and great sex. Her personality is exciting and daring, and she loves trying new things. She enjoys playing around, playing jokes, and smiling and laughing. LenaStar is a huge fan of humor, and if you are a funny and fun loving person, you will get along with her extremely well. Her skin is smooth and her complexion is flawless.

LenaStar stands at a height of 5’5”, and weighs a toned 110 pounds, or 50 kgs. She is into exercise to keep nice and fit, but her favorite way to exercise is to have wild and crazy sex. Her tits are a nice B cup in size, with bullet hard nipples. When they get hard, you will get hard too. She loves showing off her shaved pussy and asshole, and loves putting toys inside them. Her shows are really a treat, and can include stuff like dirty talk, stockings and nylons, high heels and uniforms. She is a big fan of anal, gagging, fetish toys, oiling herself up, roleplaying, and giving great blowjobs. She has long nails to scratch your back with, and she experiences real live orgasms, not fake ones like ‘When Harry Met Sally’. She is turned on by doggy style, anal screwing, and loves combining the two. She is turned off by rude people, so when you are in her room, remember, be nice. When she does have an orgasm, she is a huge squirter, exploding all over the place like a supernova.

If you are a fan of astronomy and the stars, LenaStar is the sexiest one in the sky. Especially when she goes supernova.


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