Ladyko Loves To Complete Her Mission



Her mission is a simple one, but not an easy one. She must make sure everyone watching her gets off and she must also cum every time she is online. If Ladyko doesn’t do both of these things, she considers it a failure, luckily it hasn’t happened yet. This smoking hot Asian beauty has made sure every one of her clients has blown his or her load or juices, and she always makes sure she cums. She has long sexy brown hair, and deep, gorgeous brown eyes. Her personality is sweet and gentle, with a stunning smile and hearty laugh. When she is working, she is a nymphomaniac in action. From a sweet little girl, she can turn into a nasty, naughty, and hot sex machine. She is like the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the sex cam world. Her fans love it, and keep coming back for more and more.

 Ladyko stands at a height of 5’3”, or 1.7 meters.  She weighs an athletic and toned 110 pounds, or 50 kgs. Her tits are a perky B cup, with nipples that are big and round, and get hard as bullets. She has a spectacular ass and pussy, with every single air shaved off. She wants you to see her in all her glory, and she hasn’t had any complaints. She specializes in lots of things, and loves to get dressed for the occasion. She likes wearing high heels, or as she calls them, fuck me pumps. Ladyko also likes wearing stockings and nylons, smearing oil all over herself, and having real live orgasms. But she also has to make sure you cum, or else all is for naught. Anal is one of her all time faves, and she loves playing with her assortment of toys. The double prong dildo is one of her pet toys, so get ready for some DP action.

Ladyko will make sure you blow your load, it’s up to you to help her blow hers.


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