Lady Mystique and her Long Legs

Lady Mystique

If you are looking for a wicked little hottie, then Lady Mystique is waiting for you. She is a 25 year old straight female who loves men, sorry ladies. She is a white Caucasian with a cute as a button face and glasses which give her the sexy librarian or secretary look. She stands at a height of 5’8”, or 172 cm, and weighs a sexy 110 pounds, or 52 kg. She has deep blonde hair and smoking hot blue eyes, eyes that will steal your soul if you look straight into them. She lives in Prague, Czech Republic, and speaks both Czech and English.

Her hot little slender body is absolutely amazing. Her tits are an impressive 65 C cup or 70 D cup size, and are totally real, no boob job here. Her pussy and asshole are kept totally shaved, this gives us a much better view of her in all her glory. We can see every part of her with no obstruction or having to cut through a forest. Her hobbies in real life include movies, shopping, eating sweets, she loves pets, and also loves PC games. Personally I don’t think she needs to eat any sweets, she looks sweet enough already. Her personal life details are kept private, so please don’t ask her because it’s nobody’s business but her own.

Each and every one of her shows include dancing, a striptease, pussy playing involving either fingers and/or a dildo. One thing that turns her on is a great sense of humor. She also loves it when gentlemen with good and respectful behavior are in her room. She gets turned off by rude people, losers and beggars, and people who make demands and requests without tipping.

Lady Mystique’s motto in life sums it up best, “Don’t worry, be happy”, and that’s exactly what you will be after you visit her.


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