Kitty_Leroux Loves Super INTENSE Sex



Today’s cam hottie is a 29 year old resident of the United States named Kitty_Leroux. She is straight as an arrow and not bisexual and is a white Caucasian. The seductive beauty is a Leo with tons of followers and fans. Her hair is always dyed so you don;t know what she will be from show to show. She has gorgeous emerald green eyes and as one fan says ‘she has intoxicating beauty with a gorgeous face and sexy hair’. Her personality is fun and furious especiallyt when it comes to sex. Intensity is the name of the game for Kitty and she applies it to everything she does. Her cam shows are always intense, and that’s a great thing trust me.

Kitty_Leroux stands at a height of 1.7 metres or 5’7 inches. She weighs a curvy and athletic 84 kgs or 185 pounds. Her tits are mammoth in size, measuring in at an I cup in size. She has a trimmed pussy and her ass is ready and rarin’ to go. Her figure measures 107-81-114 cms or 42-32-45 inches. She systo her clients to ‘lets go traditional’ with some blowjobs, double penetration, or ‘we can get creative’. Her creative neans stuff like jerk off instructions, roleplay games and fetishes. She describes herself as a ‘sexy kinky kitten’ who is open minded. She loves super intense sex, grabbing, biting, hair pulling, dirty talk, being owned and owning, spanking, and cam2cam. Her pussy gets wet by people who make her laugh, smile, and like to cuddle and be silly. She is an expert at dirty talk, roleplay such as student/teacher, naughty neighbour, superhero, and impregnation. Her fetishes include pet play with ears, tail play, and collar, along with bubblegum and long tongue tricks.

Let Kitty_Leroux use her long tongue and huge tits to make you cum hard and long.


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