Kimberhot Is One Smoking Hot Babe!!



Todays gorgeous girl is named Kimberhot, and she is definitely one fiery girl. The 24 year old Romanian has that European flavor and aura about her. It’s nice talking to and sucking and fucking women from all over the world, so if you’ve never had a Romanian before, here’s your chance. Kimberhot’s real name is Dana, and she can speak both English and French. She has sexy blonde hair that goes down to her perky tits, and gorgeous blue eyes. She also wears glasses, which is a huge turn on for lots of guys, including myself. She is a party animal, and when she gets rockin, hold on to your chair. She’ll get you so moist you will slide right out of it. Kimberhot will do guys, girls, trannys and anyone else who wants to join in the fun. She is single by choice, so she must be a very smart young lady. Why be pinned down to one person when there are so many fish in the sea.

Kimberhot has a lean,athletically toned body. She is slender and tall with long legs that go on forever. She stands 5’8”, or 172 cms in height. She weighs 112 pounds, or 51 kgs. Her its are small but extremely perky, and her nipples are bullet hard and would taste awesome. Speaking of tasting great, her shaved pussy has beautiful lips, and her asshole looks scrumptious as well. In her shows you may see live orgasms, dildos galore, and a lot of anal. She is a huge fan of it, and she says it helps her to cum, so strap yourself in, Kimberhot will bring you on a wild ride.

Long legs, glasses, hot pussy and perky tits, what else can be more perfect than a session with Kimberhot?


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