KAITLYNN Is A Party On Long Sexy Legs



Today’s 20 year old Romanian stunner is named KAITLYNN. She has long sexy brown hair, and deep brown eyes to match. She is a music lover, as you will see by the tattoos of musical notes on her torso. Her skin is silky smooth and her complexion flawless. She wears glasses, which is a turn on all by itself to many guys, including myself. She also has a smile and laugh that will melt anyone she talks to, even the coldest of the cold personalities out there. The bisexual Aries likes it all, cock or pussy. Both at once would be preferable to this self described party on legs, wherever she goes, the party is sure to follow. Sounds like my kind of gal. KAITLYNN speaks English, and would love to chat with you.

KAITLYNN stands at a height of 1.68 meters, or 5’6”. She weighs 53 kgs, or 117 pounds. She has a curvaceous and athletic figure, measuring 76-66-89 cms, or 30-26-35 inches. Her tits are a beautiful C cup in size, and are raved about by her fans. They are in love with her nipples as well, which are perky and suckable. KAITLYNN is turned on crazy ideas, daring experiences, compliments, and loves to teat herself. I’m sure she has no problems in the compliments department, according to her reviews. One fan describes her as ‘a beautiful angel’, another saying she is ‘asstastic’. Her bum is another awesome weapon in her arsenal, it is amazing and perfectly round. KAITLYNN has a totally shaved pussy and asshole, so when she spreads those hot ass cheeks, you see her in all her glory. Her shows include feet, leather, rubber, toys galore, heels and stockings, and sexy lingerie. Another follower says she is ‘an anal addict’, so she puts that gorgeous ass to good use.

KAITLYNN is where the party is happening, and you have a personal invitation.


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