Hotasiangal Knows How to Please a Man


Asians are usually smoking hot and small, petite women with long dark sexy hair, and Hotasiangal is definitely not an exception to the rule. In fact, the only exception may be that she is hotter than almost all the others, and that is saying a lot! She has a fan blowing directly on her long jet black hair, making it blow around and look even sexier than normal. Her face is and complexion are perfect, and her personality is nice, but she doesn’t put up with any crap from anyone, so she may look delicate but she’s really a firecracker.

She says she will allow people to chat but don’t ask her to do any wild stuff without taking her private, once in private ask away for anything and she will see what she can do. She will do her best to fulfill your fantasies and chances are, you will be fulfilled. She is turned on by long private shows, she says with a chuckle. The longer it goes the more crazy stuff she will do. She is turned off and pissed off at private shows that only go for about 5 minutes or less, as she feels that is a waste of time for both you and her. She likes to do closeups to give you a special view of her hairy pussy and awesome body. She likes to wear sexy lingerie, and high heels, which accentuate her already perfect and long legs. Some of her reviews say cool things about her like ‘so very sexy, amazing slim body’, and also ‘best little puki I have ever seen, cute and fun to spend time with’, and my favorite, ‘she can make a 90 year old man cum twice and still want more!’.

Hotasiangal is one delicious little hottie, and as one of her fans said ‘you are amazing and perfect in every way’. That says it all.


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