Gorgeous Red Hair + Piercing Blue Eyes = Nelly4U




Russia can be a pretty cold place to live, but with girls like Nelly4U to warm you up, the men in Russia have nothing to worry about. In fact, they’ve got it made. One look at Nelly4U, and you will be mesmerized by her striking blue eyes, her sexy red hair, sizzling smile, and her hilarious personality. She is a beautiful woman, on the outside, and the inside. She loves to talk, so getting a conversation going with her is no problem. She loves music, and usually has some pretty cool tunes going in the background. The song that comes to my mind when I look at her is ‘Back In The U.S.S.R’ by The Beatles. The 31 year old cougar is bisexual, and she is a Virgo for you zodiac freaks out there.

Nelly4U stands at a height of 1.63 meters, or 5’4”. She weighs a nicely toned 51 kgs, or 112 pounds. Her fans rant and rave about her eyes, obviously, and her legs. They are smooth, and spread whenever you want them to. Her 86-64-91 cm, or 34-25-36 inch figure will have you feeling yourself in no time. Her tits are a perky B cup, and according to one fan they are ‘small but worth their weight in gold’. Nelly4U has a shaved pussy and asshole, so she is smooth all over. Perfect for licking all over, and for hours at a time. Her shows may include dancing, sucking and fucking, lots of chains and assorted bondage stuff. She also loves wearing sexy outfits. She likes pretending she’s a schoolgirl and you are her teacher. If you want to be a professor, here’s your chance. Tanned skin, strong arms, and gorgeous eyes are just a few of her turn ons so if that sounds like you, quit wasting time.

Nelly4U wants to put her hot legs to work, wrapped around you!


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