Goldy is a Cougar on the Hunt


Cougars come in all shapes and sizes and are extremely good hunters. Once they set their sights on a certain piece of prey, it is usually lights out for that target. Goldy is a smoking hot 33 year old cougar who can hunt me any time she wants, and I will make sure I get caught. Once you see how gorgeous she is, you will want to get caught by her as well. She is a female who lives in Russia, but can speak both Russian and English. Her body is way too hot, with a nice perfect round set of tits, sexy hot legs that go on forever, and a face that is right out of a magazine. Her hair is blonde and hangs past her shoulders, and her eyes are a strikingly bold and blue set of eyes, that will leave you in a trance, giving her the chance to pounce and capture her desired prey, which could be you. All you have to do is enter her room, and chances are you will not escape in the same condition you came in.

Goldy stands at a height of 5’5”, or 165 cms, and she weighs an impressive 100 pounds, or 45 kgs. She is a white Caucasian and is a hunter of both men and women, no prey is safe when she is on the hunt for cock and or cunt. She says you will not regret coming into her room, and neither will she. Why go into some young girl who has no idea what men or women want, or someone who has basically no experience, when you can go into Goldy’s room. A beautiful, stunning blonde hair blue eyed seductress who has seen it all and done it all before.

“I love this model, she is friendly, kind, beautiful and makes me happy xxx”, “The best girl I’ve ever had”, and “A beautiful woman”, these review say it all about Goldy!


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