GlamurMONRO Is Hotter Than Marilyn Monroe



If you like hot sexy blondes then we have the perfect cam girl for you. GlamurMONRO is a sexy babe that idolizes Marilyn Monroe and they have a lot of similarities. They are both blonde, both hot, both have wicked bodies, and both love to suck and fuck everything and everyone in sight. She comes to us from the United States and she is a white Caucasian. She is straight, speaks English, and loves big cocks more than anything else in the universe, except maybe for money. With money given to her by you, she will give you a dynamite show in return. Spare no expense and she will do whatever you want. Who says money can’t buy you love.

Glamur stands at a height of 5’4 inches and weighs a delicious and curvaceous 130 pounds. Her tits are a medium B cup and she has a nice set of nipples to go with them. Her figure is curvy and her legs are smooth and long. Her ass is glamourous and hot, and she loves to use it to her full advantage during her shows. She is also a nymphomaniac, just like Marilyn Monroe who was known to fuck tons of guys, and get into threesomes and orgies. Our girl also loves having orgies and getting fucked in both holes at the same time, by dildos and dicks. She has a great collection of toys and vibrators, and she uses butt plugs a lot too. Garters, stockings and nylons, and high heels are some of her favorite attire and she likes roleplaying as well. Her fans say she is ‘so sexy, sweet, and succulent’, and that she is ‘the most sexiest girl on the net’. Another rabid fan says she is ‘mmm mmm good’.

Let GlamurMONRO show you who the real movie star is!


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