Ginger_Todd Tastes As Sweet As Ginger



Cougars and MILFS can be something extraordinary, but Ginger_Todd takes it to the next level. This unbelievably smoking hot blonde is 47 years old, but would have no problem going up against someone less than half her age. She has an extremely bubbly personality, and is always smiling. Ginger_Todd likes to party, a lot. She is into having as much fun as possible, as you will see from her shows. She is a straight female, who hails from the United States. She speaks English, and is a Scorpio, who are supposedly fucking crazy in the bedroom.

Ginger_Todd stands at a height of 1.78 meters, or 5’10”. She is tall and very toned, and has an athletic build. She weighs 68 kgs, or 150 pounds and is way too flexible for her age. She loves to dance around and show off her awesome D cup tits, and her beautiful legs and pussy and ass, which she keeps trimmed nicely. If you’re sweet to her, she will do anything you ask. Her fans describe her as a ‘goddess’, and a ‘MILF with hot everything’. She is turned on by men with a killer sense of humor, and she loves a man who knows what he wants. Spankings, light finger play, watching you watch her juicy ass while she dances around and shows off her wicked body. She loves getting and giving oral sex, and she likes to tit fuck men and suck them off at the same time. Ginger_Todd is almost 50, but still looks like she can take on a room full of guys. She likes being the life of the party, and she has no problem playing that role.

Ginger_Todd wants you to come and get a taste of her dripping pussy and huge tits, once you do you’ll be back for seconds.


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