Finleyblake Is An Occult Enchantress Who Squirts



If you are ever in Texas be sure to look up today’s hottie, Finleyblake. If you’re not going to Texas, you’ll just have to visit her room. The 30 year old, white, blonde bisexual is not your average everyday girl. For starters, she has awesome tattoos covering major portions of her hot body, and she wants more. She has an amazing personality, and is into lots of cool music, books, and is a huge movie buff. Her tastes in the arts are amazing, and her spiritual beliefs are also cool and unique. She believes in paganism, or the occult, and she even has an altar. She also has long blonde hair, a gorgeous face and an amazing set of lips. Finleyblake also wears glasses, which make her even more hot and sexy.

Finley stands around 5’5 inches and weighs approximately 110 pounds. Her tits are nice and perky, and her body is slender and toned. The tattoos and piercing look incredible , and cover most of her sleek frame. She is also a lover of nature, and collects vintage quilts. She loves to play dress up, and also has a ton of toys. You will love when she pulls out her double prong dildos and puts them to great use. She loves anal, tit fucking, and loves to give and get great head. The pin up enchantress is also into paddling her sweet ass, to the point where it gets nice red welts. If you are into a little pain, then she is definitely up your alley. Another of her favorite activities is lighting candles, and letting the hot wax drip all over her beautiful body, tits and pussy. Finley also enjoys squirting, so get ready to get soaked.

Finleyblake wants you to join her in her room, maybe she will let you lay on her altar!


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