Elvira4u and Elvira For Me


Elvira4u has been described by some of her fans as a perfect goddess. The 18 year old female is from Russia, and speaks great English. She is an Aquarius for you zodiac believers out there, and from what is said about them, they can get pretty crazy when sexually aroused. She is a smoking hot 120 pounds, and stands at a height of 5’5”. Her body is athletically toned, slender and simply amazing. Elvira4u is bisexual, so she doesn’t mind if your girlfriend joins in or if girls want to see her show. She’s totally cool with that, which is a great thing. She has long flowing black hair, is white, and has a perfect complexion. Her brown eyes will stop you dead in your tracks, but your attention will shift downward eventually. In fact as soon as she takes off her clothes she will have your rapt attention.

Speaking of a hot body, her measurements are an incredible 35-24-24, and her tits are a perfect B cup. Her pussy is totally bald and is kept in immaculate condition, making it nice and easy to see her in all her glory. Some of her more kinky attributes are that she has a thing for feet, she loves to smoke, is into anything anal which is pretty special in itself, and she also has a thing for wearing sexy lingerie. Fish net stockings and nylons are a big part of her look, which is fine with us.

She says her shows will blow your mind, and judging from the comments, we have to agree. She will not let you go away disappointed, and that’s a fact. She’s also a huge squirter, which is a huge turn on for many guys, any normal ones anyway.

Wicked body, amazing eyes, and squirting, what else can you ask for? Elira4u has it all.


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