Claudia71 Is A Hot Asian Cougar



Cougars are everywhere, and they are always on the hunt. Claudia71 is on the hunt for some young cock like yours. When she catches her prey she is merciless. She will drain them of all their love juices, making it an extremely pleasant and orgasmic experience for both her and her prey. She has sexy long black hair, and deep brown eyes that are sharp and piercing. Her personality is friendly, but when she is hunting and putting on a show, she is all business. She knows how important it is to do her job right, and to satisfy her clients, draining them of all bodily fluids, except for blood of course. The 35 year old beauty is of Asian descent, and she loves both cock and pussy equally.

Claudia71 stands at height of 5’2”, or 1.6 meters. She weighs an athletic 128 pounds, and is nicely toned. She has an awesome set of B cup size tits, which have bullet hard nipples and nice big areolas which would be extremely delicious. Her pussy and ass are unshaven, preferring the natural look. Her ass is nice and round, and she knows how to use it. Her legs are long and smooth, and when she opens them up your hunger will rise, as well as your cock. Claudia71 likes roleplay, dressing up in stockings and nylons and heels, and also enjoys playing with her collection of toys. Vibrators, butt plugs, dirty talk, and cumshots are also more of her specialties. She can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, emptying her prey of all cum and jism within them. She is also an expert at the art of stripteasing, driving her clients insane with lust and anticipation.

Claudia71 is a cougar that would love to get her claws into you, and you will be glad she did too.


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