ChocolateCuttie Has A Booty That Will Melt In Your Mouth



Chocolate tastes heavenly, and so does our girl for today, ChocolateCuttie. There’s nothing like putting chocolate in your mouth and letting it melt, savoring each and every bit of flavor. The same can be said of ChoclateCuttie, once you’ve had a taste of her you’ll keep coming back for more. She’s like an addictive drug, you just won’t be able to help yourself. The 18 year old bisexual black female, hails from the USA, and is a Gemini. She speaks English, has beautiful brown hair, brown eyes, and a smoking hot tasty brown ass. Her personality is very kind, she likes to give people what they want. She can go from good clean conversation if you want, or to down and dirty and nasty with the flip of a switch.

ChoclateCuttie is 1.6 meters in height, or 5’2”. She weighs 76 kgs, or 168 pounds, and has a body and booty built for sex. Her tits are a busty C cup, and her figure measures 86-81-91 cms, or 34-32-36 inches. She has an ass that her fans are in love with. They describe her as ‘a booty goddess’, and she has ‘the best booty ever’. She also likes to shake that booty, and has been called the ‘twerking queen’. ChocolateCuttie is turned on by generous men, confidence, great personalities, kissing and cuddling, and smiles. She’s also a huge fan of women, sexy women in particular, with big breasts and long hair. Her shows include gagging, messy blowjobs, pussy play, toys, JOI, panty hose and panty stuffing. She has many more tricks up her sleeve and her booty, but you’ll have to check her out to find out more.

If you are an ass man, ChocolateCuttie is the gal for you. She’s young, energetic, and has a booty that tastes like chocolate.


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