Blonde Girl 89 Loves to 69

Blond Girl 89

If you are looking for a girl who is different than all the other cam girls out there, someone who can make you laugh, and someone who can make you cum, then Blonde Girl 89 is the gal for you. According to her, her turn on is you, so do yourself and her a favor and turn her on by checking out her show. The 24 year old female is straight, sorry girls but she only plays on one team. Her face is absolutely gorgeous and she has a smile and a laugh that is extremely infectious. Once she starts laughing, you will be smiling and laughing right along with her.

She has an extremely curvaceous and sexy body type, and is toned very nicely. You won’t see any fat on this sexy blonde, that’s for sure. Her brown eyes will make you melt, and her big tits will have you drooling. One of her fans says she is a Russian sex bomb, and that she is the best girl out there. Other words used to describe her shows and her are ‘perfect’, and ‘outstanding’. Her tits are medium sized, but a little bigger than most girls. The white Caucasian has an awesome sense of humor, and according to another fan she ‘cums really wild’. Now there’s something that you can look forward to.

Blonde Girl 89 has a couple of kinky attributes. She loves body piercings, or piercings of any kind. So if you have some maybe you can show her something and she can return the favor. She says she’s a naughty girl, and that she wants to have fun with her fans during her shows, and from what they say, she does a great job. She doesn’t smoke however, so after the show if you feel like unwinding with a cigarette, you’ll have to do it without her. She values those precious lungs and breasts of hers and so do we.


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