Beshine Part Woman, Part Floatation System


A lot of guys like big tits, a lot of guys like small tits, there is good points to both, most men wouldn’t care either way, as long as they have some to suck and fuck. Beshine is one of our cam girls who has a major claim to fame…that she has the biggest tits in the world. After seeing them, we tend to agree with her. She is a 27 year old female, who is from the United States of America, and she is a Pisces who prefers the company of men. She is a smoking hot blonde with piercing blue eyes. She stands at a height of 1.68 ms, or 5’6”. Her weight is 59 kgs, or 130 pounds, most of that being her tits no doubt.

Beshine’s body has the unbelievable measurements of 150-64-89 cms, or 59-25-35 in inches. Beshine’s tits are an astounding 202ZZZ. Her pussy and asshole are shaved bald, and it gives her great pleasure knowing that she is being checked out by men all over the world. She also loves to have fun and she also loves making guys cum, and she loves chatting with new guys and all her old friends she has made. She has things that turn her on like the rest of us do. Hers include interacting with fans, showing off her enormous tits, and having fun with anyone and everyone. Her turn offs include close minded people, and guys who think their shit doesn’t stink. Some of Beshine’s hobbies include games that require intelligence and thinking such a s chess, backgammon, and poker. Her fans have reveiews like ‘big boobs legend’, and goddess’, and ‘a very intelligent and hot woman, especially when she wears her glasses’.

Beshine is one hell of a sexy woman, and there’s more to her than just a pretty set of tits.


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