BeautyJo Brings the Boobage


Her name is BeautyJo and she is from Slovenia. BeautyJo a hot 26 year old female who loves to go both ways, she loves men and women equally. Although not the tallest woman in the world, at a height of 5′ 1”, she more than makes up for it in great looks. The smoking hot Libra, weighs in at only 135 lbs, and it is mostly in her titanic size tits, which are D cup size. BeautyJo has a curvaceous body, and an astounding figure, with measurements of 43-26-38. BeautyJo has gorgeous brown eyes, which go perfect with her hot looking long brown hair, which flows down her sensationally curvy body. Her ass is also completely out of this world, and is nice and round and firm.

BeautyJo has many kinky attributes which make her very interesting and different from all the other girls. Some of her kinky likes are smoking, which is getting rarer and rarer nowadays, and feet. She also loves deep throating cocks, cuckolding, and is an English speaking woman. BeautyJo says many people have told her that she is very special and unique. Just by looking at her we can tell that is true. She also says she deserves the finer things in life, and that her smile makes everyone she comes in contact with happy. She has been told by a lot of people that her eyes are like honey, and they are very deep and inviting.

She has a lot of turn-ons herself. She loves it when she connects with men and women sexually through the web. She loves to share her sexuality and it makes her and her customers happy. She considers herself to be an expert in the art of tit fucking, loves giving sloppy blowjobs, and loves it when men and women cum on her face. Masturbating is another thing she loves deeply.

Beautyjo definitely is special!


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