ArabicGoddess aint Blasphemy, Just Sexy


It’s not very often you see Arabic girls like this. Usually we are used to seeing them in burkhas or hijabs, but this ArabicGoddess will have none of that. The 24 year old beauty comes from Morocco and is of Middle Eastern descent. The female Sagittarius is bisexual and has deep brown eyes, and extremely sexy long brown hair. Even in her comments, many of her loyal customers make positive comments on her like ‘great face’, and ‘unbelievable eyes’. ArabicGoddess has an astoundingly smooth complexion, with no marks or blemishes.

Her figure is 91-74-117 cms, or 36-29-46 inches. Her body is curvaceous in stature, and she stands at a height of 1.73 ms, or 5’8”, while her weight is 79 kgs, or 175 pounds. She has a bald pussy and asshole, which for an Arabic girl is almost unheard of. Her tits are an amazing DD/E size, and are two of her best assets. One of her followers sums it up best with the quote ‘great breasts!’. ArabicGoddess likes feet, anal, roleplay, deep throat, and cuckold. The English speaking beauty describes herself as a dirty dirty girl. She says her shows consist of her making your fantasies come true, whether it is by roleplay, or anal, or by one of her very best talents, dirty talking. Some other fun things her shows may include are dom, sub, spanking, ass worship, or just having her sit back and watching you jerk yourself off, whatever turns you on is what you will get. ArabicGoddess is turned on by confident men, being tied up, dirty talk, hard spanking, choking, hair pulling, and she is a fan of any rough stuff. She loves giving sloppy blowjobs, and her dirty talk is off the charts.

ArabicGoddess says making you cum is a challenge she takes seriously, and she is always up for a challenge.


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