AngelaBell Will Ring Your Bell



There’s something about European women that drive guys insane with lust. Today’s hottie is from Slovakia and she is no exception. AngelaBell is a 22 year old fox that drives men and women absolutely crazy. She is a white Caucasian and speaks both English and German. She is willing to perform for both men and women, and even trannies. She has long sexy brunette hair which she sometimes dyes blonde, and a gorgeous pair of brown eyes. Another really hot feature about Angela’s face is her smile. She has that really sexy small space between her two front teeth which makes her look even hotter and sexier if that’s possible. She loves her clients and loves getting to know them on a one on one basis.

Angela stands at a height of 5’4 inches or 160 cms. The brunette stunner weighs a slender and toned 110 pounds or 50 kgs. Her body is a knockout with her figure looking like an hourglass. Her tits are a perky and firm B cup and her pussy is shaved to perfection. She has a gorgeous pair of smooth and sexy legs that would look even better wrapped around your head. The Slovakian beauty loves watching you get harder and harder, making her pussy get wetter and wetter. Angela loves being slaved by a real man. Her greatest fantasy is being a nurse or secretary and having her boss come in and totally rule her body. Roller skating, summer activities, and sucking cock are some of her favorite things in life. She also loves music, movies, and dreams about having a car so if you are loaded and want to make a sexy friend buy her a car. Her fans say she is ‘so very desirable’ and ‘just can’t get enough of her’.

Let AngelaBell ring your bell and blow your load.


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