Amanda_20 is a 1 in My Book


Her name is Amanda_20 and she is here to fulfill all your deepest and wildest sexual fantasies. But first let’s find out a little bit about the hottie who’s about to make you cum. Amanda is a 20 year old female, who lives in the United States. For you zodiac followers out there, she is a Leo, and they are one of the most sexually active signs of the all the zodiac denominations. Leo’s are like lions, wild and crazy and aggressive. She stands about 5’5” in height, and weighs in at an awesome 130 pounds. She has a smoking hot body, and looks great in a bikini, as you can see in her picture, but she looks even better out of it, trust me.

Amanda has gorgeous blonde hair, but she sometimes changes it to dark to spice things up a bit. After all, who wants to see the same old thing day after day, life would be boring. Boring is the last thing our little sweetie is. She has mesmerizing blue eyes that will stop you dead in your tracks. Once she takes off her clothes though, your attention will soon shift to her nice big set of knockers. They are much bigger than the average set, and she has a great pair of mouth watering nipples to match. Her pussy and asshole are shaved to perfection, masking her much easier to see in her shows. You can see every nook and cranny perfectly, instead of having it hid by a large bush.

She says she is into hot, steamy and wild sex, and we can see that and easily believe it after seeing her shows. She has fantasies of being fucked in your bed, on your kitchen table, or in a park in public. She wants to make you jerk off and cum, and she will do whatever it takes to make it happen.


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