1luxuriousgirl Is One Talented Hottie



She describes herself as the girl next door, but 1luxuriousgirl is a lot more than that. The 27 year old blonde beauty has gorgeous flowing hair, enchanting dark brown eyes, and a face that is super model material. She loves to party hearty, but not by smoking dope or drinking a case of beer, she has her fun where it counts, in the sex department. A few drinks are alright to get her in the mood, but she likes to be sharp and aware so she can give her lovers the best sex they have ever had. Her partners include men, women, trannys, and couples.

1luxuriousgirl stands at a height of 5’5”, or 1.7 meters. Her weight is a slender and toned 112 pounds, or 51 kgs. Her body is athletic and hot, without an ounce of fat. She is a lean, clean sex machine. She has 2 tattoos,1 piercing, and her tits are an awesome C cup in size. Her pussy and asshole are shaved to perfection, you won’t have to pick hair out of your teeth after a session with today’s fox. Her ass is absolutely perfect, and so is her pussy. If you don’t drool when you see her bent over, you should check your pulse to make sure you are still alive. She also has a talent for squirting, and she loves anything anal.  She even has the ability to give herself a footjob. 1luxuriousgirl looks great in high heels, likes dildos and toys, and she loves being a dominatrix. She has all the gear so if that’s your turn on, you are in luck. 1luxuriousgirl is turned on by guys that like to splurge their money on beautiful women, and if you pamper her she will pamper you right back. You will leave empty of any and all juices you came in with.

1luxuriousgirl loves to show off her two beautiful holes, which one will you pick?


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